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Several months later, Daren, Ruby, and I woke up before the sun. We walked down my favorite beach, the same beach that I ran down as a carefree six year old. The cold morning ocean was warm compared to the freezing sand. The three of us faced eastward and waited with anticipation for the sun to rise. When it did, Daren stepped out into the ocean, opened a small bag of ashes, and spread them over the water. As I watched them disappear, the sun rose to its fully glory and started to warm us. I thought about Silas. I knew that my heart would always ache for my son, but I was also confident that God would continue to meet me in my grief and comfort me. He would give me life abundantly.


Recently my niece Charlie, who is now seven, asked to see a picture of her cousin. After studying it for a minute, she asked me why I was smiling in the picture.  



I’m smiling because Silas made me happy.