Our hope


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To connect parents through their stories & experiences.

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To encourage & foster healthy grief, healing and growth. 


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To experience the joy & pride of honoring these precious children.

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To equip friends & family to walk through these seasons with tenderness and care.


Silas Lee Jones was my very first nephew, first son to my sister Katie and brother in-law Daren. He was born on June 6th, 2014 and lived for 6 minutes.


At Katie and Daren's 10 week appointment, they were given a terminal diagnosis of Acrania marking the next 5 months of our lives with grief, prayer, hope, doubt, peace and joy.

Silas impacted our lives in so many ways in his very short life. He taught us to be bold, to love ferociously and to have boundaryless faith. He taught us to care for the people we love and to be vulnerable and comfortable stepping into uncomfortable, painful and tragic situations.

With Silas, my eyes were opened up to the needs parents have for community and support when walking through seasons of grief and loss. There is a serious lack of support - not for a lack of trying or want, but more often a lack of understanding and tenderness.

What do you do? What do you say to a parent who is faced with such a heartbreaking season of life. How do you love, encourage, support and allow parents to grieve in their own time and their own way. What are the best ways we can love each other - and what are the things that, though well intended, hurt instead of heal.